Ignorance Is Inevitable


Today I discovered the Jadoo Box via a post on r/linux. It is, apparently, a set-top box that caters almost exclusively to people interested in viewing television from South Asia and India in North America. After all, from the website, “Jadoo4 is the best South Asian IPTV box out there.”

This statement taught me three things:

  1. Jadoo4 is the best South Asian IPTV box out there
  2. Thus there are competing South Asian IPTV boxes
  3. There is an entire technology market that I had no idea existed.

I had no idea this market existed. No inkling. Granted, I have no idea how many units the Jadoo Box has sold. Given that they are currently on version 4, I’m assuming it is quite a few.

I have no real reason to have been aware of the existence of the Jadoo Box. But I consider myself well read, and the fact that I have not even heard of the South Asian IPTV market is bothersome.

Specialization took us from the mid 1600s (when there was so little to learn that you could lump everything under “Philosophy”) to the mid 1900s - as late as 1906, Albert Einstein could essentially single-handedly advance a wide field like ‘physics’ substantially.

Technology is by definition on the bleeding edge of human activity. But today it moves so fast that it is thoroughly beyond the comprehension of any individual. There is too much to know: ignorance is inevitable.

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