Crowd Equity / Reg A / Reg CF Investments

For Reg A / A+ / CF companies, I now look for companies that either:

  • Have a small enough addressable market to make them unacceptable to traditional VCs
  • or have a high-loyalty, high-repetition business model in which making customers into shareholders can have a strong early impact

In general, I’ve been disappointed by the valuations offered by most Reg A / Reg CF offerings.

Private Company Investments

For private companies, I prefer to invest early in teams that show they can make good use of small checks. I take an active interest in the company and will invest significant time into supporting the company, if requested.

  • ModernMeal - Summer 2014, Software for private chefs
  • BehaviorMe - Fall 2018, VR for training behavioral therapists; first individual money in
  • Chefit - Summer 2019, booking private chefs - now Panther
  • Resility health - December 2019, bio-feedback stress management that works.
  • MedCompli - November 2020, compliance software for life science companies