ClojuresScript and Om Cannot Manipulte Cursor Outside of Render Phase Error


If you’re trying to learn Clojure(Script) and Om, perhaps using the otherwise fantastic Om Basic Tutorial, you may (if you skipped certain steps of the tutorial) run into the following error:

Uncaught Error: Cannot manipulate cursor outside of render phase, only om.core/transact!, om.core/update!, and cljs.core/deref operations are allowed

If you do, you’re likely running one of the older versions of Om that are on the main clojars repositories, as opposed to the current version (as of February 1st), 0.8.6.

To fix this error, just update your project.clj file from referencing [om "0.7.X"] to referencing [org.omcljs/om "0.8.6"]. Make sure to re-start your REPL.

Happy coding!

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