Scanning With XSANE on a Brother MFC-L2700DW


In a previous post, I documented how to se up a Brother MFC-L2700DW network printer on Linux. At that time, I had not been able to set up network scanning. I still haven’t been able to get network scanning working, but I have been able to scan documents using XSANE.

As far as I can tell (at least on Xubuntu 14.04), you will need to connect the printer to the computer directly via USB. If you already set up printing via the network, this won’t interfere.

I used a post by on Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack’s for the rest of the details (thanks!), especially for batch scanning.

For me, I had to make one adjustment - running XSANE as root. This is strongly discouraged by the XSANE documentation, but in my experience there wasn’t any issue with running XSANE as root.

The only problem that I encountered is that, as a consequence of this, the generated document will be written with ownership by the root user, so you’ll need to copy it or chown it using sudo.

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