List of Email Marketing Service Providers 2017


There are many email marketing service providers - more than one person could reasonably keep in their head. This is an incomplete list, created for my own notes.

Marketing Automation Tools with Email Delivery

Email Marketing Campaign Providers

These ‘Email Marketing’ providers each do email delivery, but only through their ‘email marketing’ platform. These providers only provide tools to send emails to ‘contacts’ - not generic or transactional emails. Each generally has some sort of campaign / newsletter creation tool, and usually some analytics and often optimization options. Pricing is generally based on the number of ‘contacts’ that you have in your contact database.

Email Delivery Providers

These providers provide an SMTP API to provide email delivery from your application via an SMTP server and/or an API. Some of them also provide ‘email marketing’ or ‘marketing automation’ services. Pricing is generally based on the number of emails sent per month, and may be per-use or tiered into subscription levels.

Other Email Tools

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